GRA has been involved with a range of academy programmes since 1998 when it became a leading Regional Academy within the Cisco Network Academy Programme not only supporting a large consortia of schools and colleges but being invited by Cisco to speak at a number of National and International conferences.  As a leading ASC / ITC in 2012 GRA has been asked to act as a consultant to other ASC’s empowering them to become more fully engaged with the opportunities available to them and how best to support their associated academies.  Due to our experience and high level of commitment we were invited by the VMware IT Academy team in 2009 to work with them as the first regional academy in Europe in.  More recently we have joined the EMC Academic Alliance and look towards assisting academies in such ventures.


We have a reputation for offering high quality support and instructor training for our educational partners within a variety of academy programmes.  We strongly believe in developing a close working relationship with our consortia members in order to facilitate the best possible delivery to the end user. The support frequently goes beyond the remit of the academy programmes with a view to giving benefit to a wider populous within our partner member institutions.


With these ideals very much in place we extend them to our work with community and corporate clients in the delivery of not only certification courses from the world’s leading IT companies but also into the realm of Workforce training.