Academy Programmes

Since the establishment of the original Academy Programme by Cisco Systems in 1997 virtually all of the leading companies have strived to emulate the success achieved by Cisco. These include Apple, CompTIA, EMC, Microsoft, Oracle, Redhat, Sun (prior to becoming part of Oracle) and VMware. The aim being to establish "industry standard" certifications into the educational framework. Therefore enabling students from the age of 14+ to gain these much-coveted certifications, gain practical skills and experience within their institution well beyond that normally achieved by students leaving fulltime education.


Despite recent downturn in the world's economy there still exists a major skills shortage within the UK, Europe and other parts of the world.  At present the IT sector across Europe is suffering from a shortfall of some 350,000 staff with the necessary skills, and is expected to grow to 900,000 by 2016.


We are offering a strategy that will help reduce the skills shortage by equipping the youth of today with the skills necessary for employment today and in the near future. In simple terms, if the UK does not address this in education we will be left behind! Wolf calls for more stringent and arduous courses, which can meet the demands of employers, these Academy programmes that have "real world" outcomes and goals. Furthermore, employers are expecting a higher level of certification from their employees and job applicants who they expect to be certified and thus reduce the companies training costs



Andy Schofield

"As Principal of an Academy and previously of a specialist school, I am interested in offering more than a visible curriculum. The strong practical element of the courses is clearly popular with the students. The qualifications to be gained are valued in industry and enable our students to obtain employment after leaving school."


Andy Schofield, Principal of the Wellington Academy





"I have always strongly believed in the value of teaching students the theoretical and practical skills needed in order to gain a job.  What I obtained from working in the academy programme equipped me to walk into a meaningful and well-paid job.  I have never looked back"

Mathew Poxon, Senior Network Analyst Southend University Hospital Trust.