Learning Strategies

We are all Individuals and as such we all learn in different ways, whether you are a Visual, Auditory or Tactile Kinesthetic learner GRA has a strategy for you to learn effectively.

We all have differing demands upon our time, what is best for you?

Intensive In-person daytime courses' a mixture of In-Person training along with guided e-Learning' or guided remote e-Learning or self-paced independent e-learning.  We can offer courses to meet your learning needs, time availability and budget.  We recognise that there are numerous demands on our time, your training needs reflect the time available to gain the necessary certification and a work / life balance. We are able to offer a range of delivery methods to match your learning style requirements, location and budget, along with a varying time frame in which to achieve your goals.


Instructor-led Learning (In-Person) Remote Blended Learning Remote e-Learning

Our fully qualified and authorised instructors will give you the theoretical knowledge which along with a hands-on Lab based approach will provide a target orientated theoretical understanding associated with a high level skill attainment.


The "hands on" approach will enable individuals to develop and build on their practical skills by working on the necessary hardware for that particular course and skill base.

We offer a number of set date courses at one of our centres, but with sufficient delegates we will work with you to provide an on-site alternative.


You will work in small classes to maximise the quality of your experience in working with the instructor, ensuring you gain the support you need to enhance your knowledge.

It is to be accepted that skilled and motivated individuals are able to work effectively using a variety of learning strategies to meet their needs. Blended learning is a style that provides flexibility, giving the individual a balance between the need for an "In-person Classroom" and "e-Learning" approaches.


Here the individual will benefit from a number of "Key" sessions and interraction with the instructor and other learners, identifying specific requirements for the individual in addition to being able to work independently with mentor supervision and guidance to maximise learning outcomes.


Mentoring by way of email, Skype, recorded WebEx (virtual instructor-led interactive sessions) and the availability of video-based learning materials all developed with a view to enhancing the learning experience and to help prepare you for certification.

Modern e-Learning strategies have a place in the learning strategies of individuals and able to reach areas where in-person attendance is impossible.


Self-paced content that provides the ultimate level of flexibility in terms of pace, place and time to meet the needs of the individual. This strategy not only offers online theoretical content but also the development of practical skills by way of remote access to actual hardware and / or access to high quality simulation engines which will help build the skills required to undertake the job and pass the certification.


We also offer a limited level of mentoring  by way of email, Recorded WebEx (virtual instructor-led interactive sessions) and the availability of video-based learning materials all developed with a view to enhancing the learning experience.