"The regular meetings with GRA have proved invaluable, not only has it helped us develop a successful academy, but also helped us achieve a great deal in terms of Cisco based and VMware virtualisation projects within the school.  Their industrial contacts helped ensure we got a great deal and move forward quickly and efficiently."

Pete C, Curriculum lead / Network Manager


"The instructor is a very brilliant tutor. Very patient and most of all, he enjoys what he does. His enthusiasm rubbed off on me and I thoroughly enjoyed the saturday sessions. I learnt quite a lot from him and he was a goldmine of information. Please pass my warmest regards to the team at GRA for putting such a course together."

B.K. Muringayi - Describing his experience of his E-learning VMware 5.0 course



VMware IT Academy


Virtualisation is accepted as a major growth within the IT field and suffers from a significant skills shortage and therefore offers high salaries for suitably qualified staff within the industry.  It is obviously important for students looking towards a future in the IT Industry that they gain knowledge of virtualisation and ideally appropriate industry standard qualifications.  With this in mind at a time of changing examination structures many of the exam awarding bodies are including modules on virtualisation for this is the basis of cloud technologies also.  As a VMware IT Academy (vITA) schools, colleges and universities are able to facilitate their students working towards and gaining a range of certifications preparing them for their future employment in the IT field.  These certifications range from a series of 4 VMware Certified Associate (VCA6) courses, the vSphere 6 ICM Foundation course and then the VMware Certified Professional (VCP) level certifications.  The VCA certifications are short introductory courses with between 3 and 5 Guided Learning hours whilst both the VSphere 6 ICM Foundation and the VCP are longer employing far more practical skills and last for some 40 GLH.


The VMware IT Academy team requires that all vITA academies link with a Regional Academy to guide them through the processes and changes effectively.


If the vITA is only delivering VCA courses there is no need for instructor training, although it is advisable for them to work through the course material on a free self paced basis.  Whilst those centres wishing to deliver the vSphere 6 ICM Foundation course and the VCP they should attend and complete an Instructor training course and with respect of the VCP6 gain the certification in order to deliver classes to the students.


All academies can offer a discount voucher to their students and the this value is outlined in the table below.  To make it easier for Academies VMware uses a Kivuto front end, so no more setting up classes etc., the students can download their own vouchers when ready to take the certification exams.  The table shows the approximate costs of the exams for as you know the pricing is $ sensitive.


Course Full Cost of Certification Discounted Cost as a Student
VCA6-DCV £80 £24
VCA6-Cloud (2 Exams) £160 £48
VCA6-NV £80 £24
VCA6-DT £80 £24
vSphere v6.0 ICM Foundations £83 £25
VCP6-DCV £162 £49



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